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Unlimited freedom of information and communication, global competition and rapid technical progress changes the economy and society.
Structural parts made of plastic have been produced in Wilthen / Saxony since 1953. Within the scope of the processing of polyamide, KEW ® has been designing and producing three-piece plastic dowels since 1958 which today represent the basis of all modern dowel technology. Our products a technical machined parts, assemblies and fastening technology are the result of a complex process whose elements include the design and construction of the machined parts, the production of the tools and the prototypes as well as of the machined parts on a thermoplastic basis. In addition, we also manufacture complete assemblies, also in connection with the use of other materials.

KEW Firmengebäude

KEW® Kunststofferzeugnisse GmbH Wilthen
Dresdener Str. 19 · D - 02681 Wilthen

Fon: +49 3592 3853-0
Fax: +49 3592 385351

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