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High-performance through organisation
CAD-, CAM-, CAQ-System
• 3D-CAD-System
• ProEngineer (KEW equipment) and CATIA
  V4/V5 (together with contractually bound partner proconcept   engineering)
• Completely parametric
• Standard data basis for assemblies, drawings,
  NC processing, completion of work, etc.
• Design of assemblies, free forming surface modelling,
  collision tests, preparation of drawings
• Interfaces: z.B. IGES, VDA, CATIA, STEP,
• Drawing sizes of up to DIN A0
• CAM-System Complete Machining Option
• 3-5 axles, simultaneous, all procedures are used
• CAQ-System PROfit
• Softwaretool for business procedure management
  - modelling and analysis of the business procedures,     company organisation structure, resource management,     document management and rules
• CAQ-System Qsys
• PPA test planning/Administration of test orders
  - basis for inspecting incoming goods, assessing suppliers,     statistical process control, recording measuring values close
     to a machine, inspecting outgoing goods
• Inspecting incoming goods, assessing suppliers
  - establishing the quality of deliveries, assessing incoming     goods, assessing suppliers with regard to quality, prompt     deliveries, delivered amount, organisation
• SPC statistical process control
  - continuous monitoring of production quality,     
    recording measured values, analysis, statistics,
    quality control charts
• Other software
• Office software (micro soft based)
• Engineering software for strength test,
  torsion measurement, long-term tests / force measurement,   colour measurement, coordinate measuring technology incl.
  production of a test certificate (diagram)
• Software for designing labels (thermotransfer uand multicolor   with Inkjet technology


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