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Innovation and tradition
The business was established in Wilthen as an independent company to provide the East German economy with structural parts made of polyamide.
Company name: VEB Kunststofferzeugnisse Wilthen

End of the work on designing a metric countersunk screw M5 with a recessed head made of high-grade polymide after the completion of the design documents for a 50-fold injection moulding tool. Technical designer: Herr Runge

Until 1958 further screws, nuts, pins and a universal dowel called“Igel” were designed and manufactured using high-grade polyamide.
12.04.1955 thus represents the day on which the “KEW® fastening technology” was born.

Annexation of the plastic processing company “VEB Bergiplast Berggießhübel” with a staff of approx. 100 people. Processing of polyethylene and polystyrene. Main product range: closures

Annexation of the plastic processing company “VEB Technoplast Großröhrsdorf” also with a staff of 100 people. Processing of polystyrene in the production of technical parts.

Loss of the company’s independence and annexation by the company “VEB Duroplast Neusalza- Spremberg” and on 01.07.1972 by the company “VEB Preßwerk Ottendorf-Okrilla” as an operating unit and later as a part of the plant.

The complete number of staff of the three plants (Wilthen, Berggießhübel and Großröhrsdorf) equals approx. 400 people with work being in progress on a total of 100 injection moulding machines.

“Technoplast Großröhrsdorf” plant removed from the company

Plant management successfully applied for being reinstated as an independent nationalised company located in Wilthen. Company name: VEB Kunststofferzeugnisse Wilthen.
Subsidiary: “Berggießhübel” plant

Transformed into a limited company/ GmbH under fiduciary management

“Bergiplast Berggießhübel” plant removed from the company and sold to the company Rudolf Erwes, Finnentrop/GT Heggen.

Company returned to private owernsehip
“KEW® - Kunststofferzeugnisse GmbH Wilthen” based on “Management buy out” by the managing director Herr Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Eberhard Gedan as majority shareholder.

Until 1992:
Percentage of turnover/Year  15%     Fastening technology
Export                                          0%
Remainder                                 “Machined parts”

Percentage of turnover/Year    80%    Fastening technology
Export                                           in approx. 40 countries
Export percentage approx.      ca. 85%
Remainder                                 Machined parts,
                                                      complete assemblies
                                                      and toolmaking


KEW® Kunststofferzeugnisse GmbH Wilthen
Dresdener Str. 19 · D - 02681 Wilthen

Fon: +49 3592 3853-0
Fax: +49 3592 385351

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